• Jane Wood

Halfway through block one....

The end of week three already and a whole new way of working.

Block teaching online has not been without its challenges, but I have been blown away with how our amazing final years have embraced this way of learning. The progress they have all made has been fantastic, and, dare I say it, teaching a unit with a written research based output has worked so much better online.

The HE landscape will never be the same, but I think the new ways of learning and teaching are changing that landscape for the better....... certainly the feedback I have had so far is testament to that.

Another fabulous outcome of the new digital dawn is that I've been able to engage with so many international conferences, and make some contacts that will really help inform both my research and teaching in sustainable materials and biomaterial development as alternative textiles...... watch this space........

Photo by Cherie Birkner on Unsplash

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